The Holidays

Its 12:09 AM. Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Most of the world will now say its ok for me to now wear my Christmas sweatshirts, though I have been wearing them everyday since Nov.1! Mary and Kiri cooked the most wonderful meal today, and we listened to music, watched a Hallmark movie, and shared all of this with a beloved former student and dear friend. It was a wonderful day. A day full of love. Warmth. Music and mindfulness!


What is it that makes this time of year so special? Certainly, the Taylor family are bonafide Christmas and Holiday season fanatics. But there is no denying that this time of year seems to be special to everyone. Is it the music? Certainly, not everyone loves Christmas music—and there is certainly no consensus as to what kind of Christmas music to listen to or perform yourself. Is it the food? Perhaps. But if that is the case,Thanksgiving would seem to be the bigger Holiday. Is it the decorations? It certainly is beautiful, seeing all the lights, and the green and red everywhere. Is it the religious aspect? For many, absolutely.

That is it.

But—I personally know many people who are not the least religious who adore

the Christmas and Holiday seasons. So, what is it for them?

Perhaps it’s a combination of everything.That is probably it. Whatever the reason is for people loving this time of year—there is one clear result of this love. This feeling.

And that result is this seems to be the time of year that people are just a little kinder.

A little more considerate. People think of others rather than themselves just a bit more. Love for our fellow man is just plain more palpable. It’s almost like the Christmas season gives people “permission” to come out of their shell and show their sentimental side. Say hello to one extra stranger. Hold the door for one more person. Help that sweet lady you always see with her groceries. And, take time to savor the season and just be still! That is being kind to yourself. Yes, love for the season seems to become kindness. Which of course cultivates more love.  


And therein lies one of the greatest lessons the Christmas and the Holidays teach us: you don’t have to wait to feel love to be kind. Being kind generates love! Like a plant receiving water and sunlight, acts of kindness make love grow. And when love grows, more acts of kindness occur. Kindness seems like the natural state of things.


We cannot receive love until we give love.We cannot give love to others till we give love to ourselves.  Because in truth friends, we are all one continuous thread with no separation. What we do to others we do to ourselves, what we do to ourselves we do to others. That’s a cycle I think we can all get behind.

So take time this Holiday Season. Be still. Decorate, and savor the visual symphony. Light candles and relish the smell. Listen to great Christmas music… and go hear it live! Then sit back and watch love grow, acts of kindness increase, and promise yourself to keep that feeling all the year ‘round.