What is Mindfulness?

What is mindfulness?  Mindfulness can encompass many areas in our life.  I was at the grocery store today and while I was inside down came a torrential downpour.

I did not have an umbrella, like many others, so I decided to wait under the awning till the heavy stuff stopped. 

I began to be surrounded by others who did not want to venture out.  There were comments like, “it will stop soon”, “it sure is heavy”, “yep. It’s clearing up” ………etc.


Then a man said, “well it’s only water, and we used to play out in it as kids.”


How many other things in our adult life do we cringe or shy away from that we embraced as children?  Putting a suit on and swimming, sliding in stocking feet across the floor, throwing snowballs, daring to try something new.


How is it that we decided that getting wet in the rain was going to be a disaster!


I began to go through a list of things that as an adult I would say “oh I can’t do that”, but yet as a child would relish.  How soon we forget that usually a memory or an experience in our life stamped us with the idea that we “can’t” do something.


To stop and think about what we are giving up because something or someone taught us early on that this or that was not safe, silly, stupid or less than proper, that is mindfulness.


Next time it rains, go play in it, see what happens.