Music For Royal Occasions 

January 26th, 7:30pm

Location: First Presbyterian Church

650 Summers Ave (Orangeburg)

January 27th, 3:00pm

Location: Circular Congregational Church

150 Meeting Street (Charleston)



In celebration of the recent

royal wedding Dr. Joe Flummerfelt

and Dr. Rob Taylor lead the

Taylor Festival Choir in music

from British Royal Occasions.

Royal weddings, coronations

and funerals have provided us

with some of the world’s very

best loved choral works such

as Handel’s famed “Zadok the Priest”

and Parry’s “I Was Glad.”

Enjoy music from Princess Diana’s

wedding and funeral, the recent

Royal unions of Kate and William, 

Harry and Meghan,  and coronation

music of monarch’s ranging from

Queen Elizabeth I to Queen

Elizabeth II. Charleston’s own

“choral royal” Dr. Flummerfelt and

Rob Taylor will lead a pre-concert


Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 9.24.52 PM.png

St. Patrick's Day  Celebration!

March 17th, 3:00pm

Circular Congregational Church

150 Meeting Street


Led by Mary Taylor, Na Fidleiri celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as

well as the 25th Anniversary of Riverdance in an exciting

afternoon of traditional Celtic instrumental and vocal music

and Irish dance. Guest stars Karin McQuade, Kiri Taylor, Jim

Carrier, Bart Saylor, Andrae Raffield, and members of the

Taylor Festival Choir headline the music making, with  fiery

dance steps lighting up the Circular Church stage. 


April 12th, 7:30pm

Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul

126 Coming Street


The Taylor Festival Choir collaborates with the Charleston

Symphony and the College of Charleston Madrigal Singers in

a performance J.S. Bach’s magesterial Mass in B-minor.

Completed in 1749, one year before Bach’s death, the work

was never heard in its entirety in Bach’s lifetime, and its first

documented complete performance was not until 1859. Since

then, the B-minor Mass has come to be regarded by many as

not only Bach’s greatest work, but possibly the greatest

single composition of all-time. 


This performance celebrates conductor Rob Taylor’s 20-year

anniversary season as Director of Choral Activities at the

College of Charleston!