Na Fidléirí

Who We Are:

Na Fidléirí... played with impeccable unity. This is a lively, charming, disciplined group who know their music.
— Charleston Today
“a most delightful evening of first-rate entertainment full of Celtic pathos and toe-tapping Irish energy”
— The Post and Courier

Lannigan's Ball, Bear Dance

Orange Blossom Special

Na Fidleiri was founded in 2000 in Charleston, South Carolina by Mary Scott Taylor. Described as "one of

the most unique ensembles in the country" Na Fidleiri’s mission is to give young people the opportunity to

study Celtic music, and provide exciting concerts to audiences throughout the Southeast.  Na Fidleiri is

unique in that it is a folk ensemble grounded in classical technique. Students produce a wonderfully full

beautiful sound combined with idiomatic folk style, with refined intonation, precision and tight ensemble.


Celtic music is music of the Celtic nations, specifically Ireland, Scotland and Brittany. Na Fidleiri trains

classical violin players and fiddle players in the traditional style of Celtic music. Students also gain

exposure to learning basic penny whistle and can also receive coaching in Celtic stylistic singing and

songs. Na Fidleiri typically has a membership of 15-20 violinists/fiddle players, 1-2 whistle players and 2-3

singers. It is two-tiered, being comprised of a beginning preparatory group and a more advanced

performing ensemble. They are accompanied by a professional band consisting of guitar, percussion (on

occasion) and whistle/recorder.


Na Fidleiri has performed in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Ireland.  They have been

featured with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, on SCETV, Charleston Magazine, Live 5 News, the

Charleston Post and Courier, and other media outlets. Na Fidleiri has collaborated and performed with

renowned traditional players such as Liz Carroll, Martin Hayes, David Greenberg, Kim Robertson, Abbey

Newton, John Doyle, and Kevin Crawford, as well as the Irish youth ensemble Tigh na Ciolle. In Ireland, Na

Fidleiri has performed at Maynooth University, near Dublin; The Titanic Experience in Belfast, No. Ireland;

and were honored guests in the city of Cobh in County Cork.  They also performed in Kylemore Abbey, St.

Kevin's Church in the famed Glendolough Abbey, and St. Nicholas Church, Galway.


Na Fidleiri has recorded 3 CD's and produced a documentary, aired on SCETV, of the 2013 concert tour

with the Taylor Festival Choir and John Doyle.