McGlynn/MacMillan Mass

We are proud to announce the

release of the internationally

acclaimed Taylor Festival Choir’s

4th commercial CD! The renowned

Delos recording label has produced

the World Premier Recording

of Celtic Mass by Michael McGlynn

(best known for his work with his

Irish choir Anuna), paired with

another setting of the Mass by

the man acknowledged

as Scotland’s greatest composer,

Sir James MacMillan.

This disc is already being

considered for GRAMMY

Awards in 3 categories!

With this album, Taylor Music

Group and Delos offers lovely,

skillfully rendered and

ear-grabbing accounts of two

very different and profoundly

spiritual treatments of

the Catholic Mass by Irish

composer Michael McGlynn

and the Scottish master Sir

James MacMillan.

Both works reflect their creators’

strong Celtic roots. McGlynn’s

Celtic Mass intersperses sections

in Irish between the traditional

Latin elements. Macmillan’s Mass

sets the traditional movements in

English, and adds other liturgical

texts that make the work suitable

for use as a stand-alone service. 


$15 - Price includes shipping.


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 4.57.59 PM.png

Sing we now Of Christmas

Recorded by MSR Classics, this

CD features the semi-professional

chamber choir Taylor Festival

Choir and legendary guest artists

Liz Carroll, John Doyle and Kim

Robertson. Audio Society of Atlanta

called it "a choral feast that will

linger long in your memory after

you've heard it." It plays frequently

on Sirius XM radio. 


$20 - Price includes shipping.

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From the Lowcountry to the Old Country 

***temporarily unavailable***

This double DVD follows the

concert tour Na Fidleiri and

the Taylor Festival Choir took

to Ireland in the summer of

2013. The first DVD is a

documentary and the second

DVD is footage of live

performances while there.

Join them in some of the most

beautiful Irish choral music

and festive Celtic jigs and reels.


$25 - Price includes shipping.



Na Fidléirí Live

Na Fidléirí ("the fiddlers") has

been called the nation's finest,

most unique Celtic fiddling

ensemble for young performers.

Consisting of 25 auditioned

fiddlers between the ages of

10 and 18, Na Fidléirí performs

repertoire from the Celtic tradition,

 arranged by Founder and

Artistic Director Mary Taylor. 


$20 - Price includes shipping.



Farewell to Erin 

This live CD was recorded

during the 2013 Piccolo

Spoleto concerts at Circular

Congregational Church

in Charleston SC. Enjoy

Na Fidleiri's unique Celtic

fiddling that has been called

"first-rate entertainment full of

Celtic pathos and toe-tapping

Irish energy."


$20 - Price includes shipping.