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   The Inspiration

The Taylor Music Group is named after and inspired by the lives and careers of Rob Taylor's parents, Bob and Cornelia Taylor A high school and church choral conductor in Arkansas and Texas for 37 years, Bob Taylor’s ensembles consistently achieved a remarkably high level of artistry, and were awarded for this artistry numerous times, including being named the Arkansas Choral Directors Association Honor Choir in 1967. Cornelia, known as “Corney” to those who knew her, was Bob’s devoted wife and assistant. Whether playing the piano for concerts or voice lessons, or serving as confidant and councilor for several generations of music students, Corney embodied the concept of mindfulness each and every day. Upon the passing of Bob in 1997, Corney moved to Charleston with Rob, Mary and Kiri. Her latter years were spent helping raise her granddaughter Kiri, working at Magnolia Plantation, and serving as the Founding Matriarch of the Taylor Music Group.

Bob and Cornelia Taylor dedicated their careers to teaching music, and imparting their love and passion for art to literally thousands of students. They were incredibly loving parents and devoted to family, and their personal lives were grounded upon the values of integrity, passion, compassion, and above all, unconditional love. It is their continuing legacy that serves as the inspiration for the Taylor Music Group.


The Taylor Music Group (TMG) is a

non-profit arts organization founded

in2001 by Rob and Mary Taylor. With

a dedicated Board of Directors and a

modest staff, the Taylor Music Group

seeks to bring together the worlds of

“classical”and “folk” music in both

performance and education.


The Taylor Music Group supports two

main ensembles embodying the

TMG’s mission: Na Fidléirí and the

Taylor Festival Choir (TFC). Na

Fidléirí (“thefiddlers” in Irish) is a folk

ensemble grounded upon a classical

foundation. It isan auditioned group

including violinists, pennywhistle,

bodhran and guitar and

performs primarily folk Irish tunes

entirely from memory with traditional

accompaniment, led by its founder

Mary Taylor.Led by Dr. Robert Taylor,

TFC is a professional chamber choir

that performs the finest choral

literature in the classical tradition

from all eras. In keeping

with the mission of the TMG, it also

performs folk music, particularly from

the Celtic Nations.


The two ensembles are united by the

same core values: the belief that the

connection between “high art” and

“art of the people” is a sacred one

that is vital for the continued viability

of all art. TMG also believes that the

performing arts are inexorably linked

to arts education and instruction.

With programmatic activities, both

performing and educational, TMG

brings its mission to life in the

Lowcountry and the Nation.


This season, the TMG expands its

educational component with the

formation of two preparatory

performing ensembles: the Na

Fidleiri Training Ensemble,

and Aurora TFC, an all-star

collection of high school age singers

under the leadership of William


Taylor Festival Choir

Na Fidléirí

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