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The Inspiration

The Taylor Music Group is named after and inspired by the lives and careers of Rob Taylor's parents, Bob and Cornelia Taylor A high school and church choral conductor in Arkansas and Texas for 37 years, Bob Taylor’s ensembles consistently achieved a remarkably high level of artistry, and were awarded for this artistry numerous times, including being named the Arkansas Choral Directors Association Honor Choir in 1967. Cornelia, known as “Corney” to those who knew her, was Bob’s devoted wife and assistant. Whether playing the piano for concerts or voice lessons, or serving as confidant and councilor for several generations of music students, Corney embodied the concept of mindfulness each and every day. Upon the passing of Bob in 1997, Corney moved to Charleston with Rob, Mary and Kiri. Her latter years were spent helping raise her granddaughter Kiri, working at Magnolia Plantation, and serving as the Founding Matriarch of the Taylor Music Group.

Bob and Cornelia Taylor dedicated their careers to teaching music, and imparting their love and passion for art to literally thousands of students. They were incredibly loving parents and devoted to family, and their personal lives were grounded upon the values of integrity, passion, compassion, and above all, unconditional love. It is their continuing legacy that serves as the inspiration for the Taylor Music Group.

Taylor Festival Choir

Na Fidléirí

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