Oktoberfest in Song: Bach & Brahms, Beer & Brats

Oct. 5th, 7pm St. John’s Lutheran Church

The Taylor Festival Choir celebrates Oktoberfest with a program of German choral masterpieces, followed by a post-

concert beer-tasting! Featured repertoire includes J.S. Bach’s poignant motet Jesu meine freude; Johannes Brahm’s

lively Ziguenerlieder, and works by Heinrich Schütz and Hildegard von Bingen. Upbeat closing German art songs

conclude this rousing evening of music and merry-making!

Oktoberfest in Song: Bach & Brahms, Beer & Brats

Oct. 6, 4pm Circular Congregational Church

The Taylor Festival Choir celebrates Oktoberfest with a program of German choral masterpieces, followed by a post-

concert beer-tasting! Featured repertoire includes J. S. Bach’s poignant

motet Jesu meine freude; Johannes Brahm’s lively Ziguenerlieder, and works by Heinrich Schütz and Hildegard

von Bingen. Upbeat closing German art songs conclude this rousing afternoon of music and merry-making!

A Charleston Christmas – Celtic and Classical

Na Fidleiri, Taylor Festival Choir and guests

Dec. 7, 7:30pm Circular Congregational Church

Dec. 8, 4pm, Church of our Savior, John’s Island*

The Holiday Season is the Taylor Music Group’s favorite! And our combination of cherished carols, lively Holiday-themed

Celtic jigs and reels, operatic and folk vocal offerings and audience participation has made “A Charleston Christmas:

Celtic and Classical” a Charleston favorite! This year’s concert features music stemming from the Taylor Festival Choir’s

soon-to-be-released Holiday CD So Hallow’d the Time, as well as fresh holiday folk-fare delivered by Na Fidleiri’s unique


Una Sancta: Out of many, One

February 2, St. Matthews Lutheran Church, 4pm

Amidst the storm that was Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, Max Josef Metzger served as a beacon of hope and an ardent

voice calling for peace and spiritual unity prior to his execution at the hands of the Nazi party in 1944. Charleston-based,

Irish composer Cormac O’Duffy has set the words of this great Catholic priest in a cantata

entitled Gefängnisgedichte (Prison Poems) performed by the Taylor Festival Choir. In the spirit of the ecumenical

unity sought by Metzger, the concert will open with the great Catholic motet Beatus Vir by Claudio Monteverdi, and close

with J.S. Bach’s exuberant Lutheran motet Singet dem Herrn.

St. Patrick’s Celebration

Na Fidielri and Friends – Mary Taylor, Director

March 15, 4pm, Circular Congregational Church

Na Fidleiri is a Charleston treasure, and this annual St. Patty’s Day Celebration is not to missed. Lively jigs and reels,

arranged by our incomparable Mary Taylor, combine with nostalgic ballads performed by vocalists Kiri Taylor, Karin

McQuade and Emmalee Hinson in an afternoon to cherish with friends and family. This year, Na Fidleiri will be joined

by Seomra TFC performing newly arranged Irish folk ballads, as well as champion Irish dancer Maura Jennings.

Where There Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love

April 19, 4pm Circular Congregational Church

This concert celebrates the struggle of two individuals and a region whose fight for freedom inspired the world. The

Taylor Festival Choir performs the choral symphony Nolemtibacomposer Pēteris Plakidis, which expresses, through

metaphor and allegory, of the triumphant journey toward freedom of the Baltic nations in the 1990’s. Everyday Wonders:

the Girl from Aleppo is an uplifting cantata by Celia MacDowell, chronicling the story of Nujeen Mustafa, who,

though suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, was pushed 3500 miles in her wheelchair to freedom out of war-torn

Syria. Movements fromConsidering Matthew Shepard shine a light on the tragic murder of the work’s namesake, a

murder that led to expanded hate crime legislation in 2009.